Residential Tree Care

North Country Tree & Landscaping is committed to planting, protecting, maintaining and growing trees for homeowners across Long Island. We offer ISA-certified arborist care with an emphasis on safety and the end result.

Benefits of Tree Care

Regular upkeep from our professional arborists results in healthy, safe, strong and beautiful trees.

Promotes Tree Health

Our tree doctors examine each tree, looking for signs of disease, fungal infection, insect infestation, and soil and root issues. Our interventions encourage growth and ward off unwanted pests.

Prevents Harmful Storm Damage

Falling limbs are a concern for trees lining paths, driveways and buildings. Timely pruning removes this danger. We may also recommend cabling and bracing to strengthen weak branches and reduce stress.

Ensures Structural Integrity

If untreated, dead and diseased limbs jeopardize structural integrity and place significant stress on a tree. We maximize tree balance viability through regular maintenance, prolonging the life span of your trees.

Prevents Harmful Storm Damage

Judicious trimming beautifies trees and contributes to an enviable landscape design. Trimmed trees also benefit from reduced wind damage and disease.

Our Specialities

  • Pruning

  • Trimming

  • Tree Shaping

  • Inspections

  • Tree Removal

  • Tree Consultations

  • Emergency Tree Care

  • Landscape Design

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